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Outdoor Excursions

Central Pennsylvania is home to a plethora of outdoor recreation destinations. We always encourage our guests to get outside and experience the nature around them. 

Be sure to check out our Interactive Guide for additional info!

Raystown Lake

Adventure Options:

Hiking  -  Swimming  -  Boating  -  Fishing  -  Mountain Biking

Being that Raystown Lake is the largest lakes entirely in Pennsylvania, it should come as no surprise that there are TONS of opportunities or outdoor adventures when visiting Raystown! Take a swim at the Seven Points Beach, rent a kayak, canoe, or bike from Rothrock Outfitters, or enjoy a sunset at Hawns Overlook.

The Raystown Lake Region is also home to the Allegrippis Trail system, which is a premier single-track mountain biking trail system (one of the best mountain biking trails east of the Mississippi!)

Be sure to drop by the Raystown Lake Visitor Center in the Seven Points Recreation Area for additional area information, maps, and to purchase your Raystown Lake merch!

State Parks

Local State Parks:

Greenwood Furnace  -  Trough Creek 

Greenwood Furnace State Park

Featuring a spring fed lake with beach, miles of trails, historical buildings from years past, and plenty of space for picnics or throwing frisbee, Greenwood Furnace is a great place to visit. Planning a picnic? Swing by Whitehall Store on your way to pick up some of their delicious hoagies!


Trough Creek State Park

If you're looking to plan a day trip excursion, visiting Trough Creek State Park should be at the top of your list!  After a 40 minute drive through scenic Pennsylvania farm country and woodland, you'll reach Trough Creek. Here you can explore various unique geological features, including the Balanced Rock, the Ice Mine, and Rainbow Falls. Break up the days activities with a picnic lunch!

Best Hiking Spots

Our Favorite Trails:

Thousand Steps  -  Hawns Overlook  -  The Throne Room  -  Stone Mountain Overlook  -  Standing Stone Trail

Thousand Steps Trail

Rich in history (and elevation gain), the Thousand Steps Trail is sure to get the heartrate up. After climbing the 1000+ natural stone steps, you'll be greeted by sweeping views of the valley below.

Hawns Overlook

An excellent option for younger hikers, Hawns Overlooks is a short 0.4 mile out and back trail with minimal elevation gain. PLUS it features a view of the glistening waters of Raystown Lake.

The Throne Room

A 6.4 mile long out and back trail that boasts an impressive elevation gain of 1,207 feet, leading to stunning views of the surrounding mountains. 

Stone Mountain Overlook

The Stone Mountain Overlook trail is part of the Standing Stone Trail that features gorgeous vistas into both Stone Valley and Big Valley. Hike to the Hawk Watch platform or the whole way to the Stone Mountain Overlook.

Standing Stone Trail

Over 80 miles in total length, the Standing Stone Trail ranges in elevations from 660 feet to 2380 feet. The trail has several access points that make certain sections of it very accessible (such as Thousand Steps and Stone Mountain Overlook). You can view maps here.

Camp Fire at Night
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