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Fall in Pennsylvania: 3 Must-Visit Destinations!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

It’s officially fall in Pennsylvania, which means that the state’s great outdoors will be turning into a brilliant display of orange, red, and yellow leaves. Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Airydale Retreat! You can enjoy the cool, crisp mountain air, leaves turning color and falling to the ground, and stay cozy around the cracking campfire during the cool evenings.

If you’re planning a fall glamping getaway at Airydale, or are just wanting to explore Pennsylvania this fall, consider one of these three must-visit destinations in Central PA this season! Whether you're looking for a perfect fall hike, a weekend family getaway, or a pumpkin patch, we have the details!

Trough Creek State Park

Some of the best fall destinations in Pennsylvania are the State Parks. As the leaves turn to beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange, the park becomes even more stunning. Located on the southern end of Raystown Lake, the 500+ acre Trough Creek State Park has beautiful scenic hiking trails with plenty of gorgeous fall colors, as well as some more unique features, like waterfalls and a giant balancing rock.

With plenty of picnic tables and open spaces to enjoy a picnic, Trough Creek is a perfect day trip option! Start your outdoor adventure with the Balanced Rock Trail, aptly named for the huge balanced rock you'll encounter! Along the trail, you'll come across Rainbow Falls. Being the only waterfall in the Raystown Lake Region, it's a must see! Continuing down the trail, you'll eventually come across the Balanced Rock. Be sure to snag a couple pictures of your hiking partners in front of the rock to remember your fall hiking adventure!

Make it a picnic! If you're a glamping guest at Airydale Retreat, or are in the Big Valley area, be sure to pick up sandwiches and snacks at the Good Ole Cheese House or Whitehall General Store before heading to Trough Creek State Park. They have fresh, made to order hoagies, chef salads, daily specials, and the best chocolate milk from the Reedsville Creamery!

Rise and Shine Corn Maze

For the best fall family activities, visit the brand new 4 acre corn maze at Rise and Shine Family Farms! They not only have a uniquely designed corn maze (it just might involve the kidnapping of Farmer Joe!), but they also have a pumpkin stand for purchasing decorative autumn produce. Rather pick your own? Check out the pumpkin patch where you can pick up your very own pumpkin.

Let's backtrack to the 4-acre corn maze for a moment! In 2022, the Rise and Shine Corn Maze will feature the Mystery theme. Along the way, not only are you navigating the complicated maze, but there is a mystery to solve! Joe the Farmer was kidnapped, and it's up to you to figure out who did it! Was it Billy the goat, the Gossip Chicks, or another farm animal? It would take visiting the corn maze to know the answer to that!

Of course you won't be worrying about food and drinks at this event. Both are available for purchase.

Fun Fact: Did you know the largest pumpkin pie weighed 3699 pounds?! Check out more Pumpkin Fun Facts on Rise and Shine Family Farms website!

East Broad Top Railroad and Rockhill Trolley

If you're looking for a unique, family friendly adventure this Fall, make plans to see the East Broad Top Railroad. The railroad has long been one of Pennsylvania's most unique destinations. Along the route you'll be taken through scenic Pennsylvania farmland. In addition to being a great place for fall foliage viewing, the railroad offers train rides that are perfect for kids or anyone who just wants to see what it would have been like to ride on a train from the 1800s.

There is even a Peanuts Great Pumpkin Patch Express where you can embark on the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown theme train ride. Be sure to dress in your Halloween costumes if you make it to this event!

You can even take a ride on a trolley at the nearby Rockhill Trolley Museum! They have a couple fun family friendly events planned this fall, including a Pumpkin Patch Trolley where you can take a trolley ride to a pumpkin patch to select a pumpkin for decorating.

Why You Should Visit these Three Locations!

These are just a few of the many ways you can take advantage of the beauty of Fall in Pennsylvania. There are SO many additional options, like Raystown Lake, hiking the Standing Stone Trail (including Thousand Steps!), or just hanging out at one of the luxury camping sites at Airydale.

So whether you're just escaping the city for a weekend in the colorful mountains of Pennsylvania, taking in the fall colors while riding up East Broad Top Railroad, or spending a day at a Pennsylvania State Park, this fall is all about slowing down to enjoy the change of season.

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